CSP backs calls for action to tackle health inequities in NHS, highlighted in new report

Racism, racial discrimination and barriers to accessing healthcare have led to huge health inequalities for Black, Asian and minority ethnic people in England, according to a review commissioned by the NHS Race and Health Observatory.

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The report, Ethnic Inequalities in Healthcare: A Rapid Evidence Review, was published today. 

In response, CSP chief executive Karen Middleton said: 'The new findings show a healthcare system that is still failing minority ethnic patients, with striking examples of inequity in the NHS in England. 

To eradicate health inequity, the NHS must review and translate its recommendations into actionable policy

'The CSP is working hard in a variety of ways to tackle race discrimination and our equity, diversity and belonging strategy strives to achieve ambitious aims and outcomes.'

Taking action to tackle inequalities 

Two years ago, the CSP stepped up its work to tackle discrimination against both patents and staff in response to the Black Lives Matter movement and the disproportionate impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

This includes activities aligned to the aims in the new strategy, influencing government policy, joining and encouraging members to join anti-racism campaigns, and supporting members to identify and tackle discrimination in a variety of ways.

And in the NHS, the CSP is currently on the NHSE/I advisory group on Black, Asian and minority ethnic NHS staff and Covid, is shaping the staff side race equality toolkit, and sits on the NHS Equality Diversity Inclusion Group.

Prof Middleton added: 'We hope to work with the NHS Race and Health Observatory to explore its recommendations and how we can best apply them to our profession, to benefit our colleagues and the patients they care for.'

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