Meet our new member of the support worker reference group

Introducing the newest member of the CSP Support Worker Reference Group, the inspirational João Pereira, a senior therapy technical instructor band 4 (orthopaedics) at Northampton General Hospital.

João Pereira

Passionate for life! I’m originally from Grandola in Portugal, where I have had a rural background which plays a big role in the way I connect and communicate with people around me. The sense of fraternity, equality and team work are historically attached to my hometown and I am proud to share them within our multidisciplinary teams and everyone I come across. 

I am keen to support sustainable ways of living, currently using electric personal vehicles such as e-bikes to commute to work enhancing my mobility whilst still exercising and conditioning and reducing my carbon footprint.

My journey

I started my journey into therapies in the UK as a NHS volunteer where I supported sessions for people with learning and disabilities which I absolutely loved. My first job was in 2019 a band 2 paediatrics physiotherapy assistant based in the community at two schools for children with learning and disabilities in Northamptonshire.

As Covid started, the schools were closed so as I dream of becoming a physiotherapist I have volunteered to help at Northampton General Hospital(NGH) at Inpatients Therapies where I have supported on wards dedicated to Covid patients. This intense and life-changing experience enhanced my skills so I then applied for and was selected to start working as band 4 therapies assistant practitioner at Kettering General Hospital which I am very thankful due their rigor in practise education and supervision. Currently I am working at NGH as band 4 senior therapy technical instructor on orthopaedics which is now a passion for me.

I hope to bring to the support workers reference group a networking spirit, and to share opinions and ideas that are formulated through my life experiences in the UK and also abroad for the most inclusive input possible.

I am a proud associate member and I tend to encourage people to become associated as well, to become more involved and aware with CSP programmes and strategies towards the most dignified profession possible.

I aim to be more and more related to practise education within the support workers, giving a chance to everyone I can to achieve their best practises. This is usually a massive contribution to job satisfaction which enhances our team’s morale which tends to lead to a really prosperous working environment.

I was born in the 90’s being told we were the Future, and here we are actively helping to shape that Future. Proud to be part of CSP and proud to be part of SWRG. 

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