CSP’s headquarters is on the market

The CSP’s London office space has been listed for sale.

Bedford Row image
The CSP London office

CSP Council decided in December to relocate the Holborn office and it is expected a leased office arrangement will be in place from autumn.

The CSP moved into the Bedford Row office in the late 1960s and this location has been the home of the CSP London operation for over 50 years. 

Best returns

The decision to sell the building was informed by commercial property experts CBRE who were appointed in February  to provide recommendations on how the CSP might best manage the office space in the future to get best returns on this member owned asset. 

The CSP staff currently remain working from home, in line with government restrictions but the search for suitable office space in central London continues. It is expected the CSP will take a leased office arrangement from autumn of 2021 where London-based staff will be able to work in a modern office that supports the CSP's collaborative way of working. 

The countries

CSP head of business innovation Jonathan Scott-Bryan said: 'The CSP has colleagues working across the UK, and we have seen increasing members of staff recruited from across the UK, providing better local knowledge of the members we serve and less of a need for London-centric office space.

'The CSP also has formal offices in Cardiff and Belfast that have remained mostly unused during the pandemic, however we are hopeful of a return to these offices in the coming months. The CSP were able to surrender our lease in Edinburgh in the early months of the pandemic, but are currently looking for a suitable office space when restrictions allow.'

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