CSP seeks new London premises

As part of an extensive project to support future working needs and make more efficient use of CSP resources, Council has supported a decision to relocate the central London office.

Bedford Row image

The available space and configuration of 14 Bedford Row do not meet the organisation’s contemporary collaborative and flexible working requirements, much of the space is unused, and the old building presents significant accessibility issues.

As a result, during 2021 the CSP plans to move its London head office to an alternative location – within central London – that better meets current and future needs.

The new premises, which are yet to be identified, will be fully accessible and provide a range of working accommodation, including space for meetings, events, and for members.

CSP chief executive Karen Middleton said: ‘This is an informed decision, part of an indepth strategy that we have been working on for the past two years.

We need to be confident that we are providing efficient and effective services for our members, and making cost-effective use of resources – now and in the future

In the 50 years since the CSP moved into Bedford Row, working styles have changed and, to best serve members, our working space now needs to be more diverse and flexible, and it must be efficient to use and operate.’

Staff are being consulted and kept informed throughout the process, and regular updates will be provided to members over the coming months.

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