Help us develop case studies - reasonable adjustments in the workplace

Working with the support of the DisAbility diversity network, the CSP is producing a new resource to support members and reps when requesting reasonable adjustments at work using the Equality Act framework.

The resource will also cover employee requests to accommodate faith or religious beliefs. The resource will be published in the second half of 2021.

For the resource, we are looking to develop case studies – both good and bad.  We are interested to hear from:

  • members and reps who have requested a reasonable adjustment or other flexible working arrangement;
  • reps who have negotiated reasonable adjustment or flexible working policies in their workplace; and
  • service managers who have considered and agreed reasonable adjustment requests.

If you would like to share your experiences, please get in touch with Jess on

If you are concerned about your privacy, we can work with you to address this.

In addition to case studies, the resource will provide:

  • information about the legal context and best practice guidance;
  • profession-specific information and support; and
  • action checklists for members, trade union reps and managers when considering reasonably adjustments in the workplace.

The resources will consider a range of disabilities and long-term conditions, including neurodiversity,

Working with the CSP diversity networks, we have new posters on equity, diversity and belonging in the workplace.  Members can customise, personalise and order these by visiting the 'Union' tab of the Print on Demand service before selecting 'posters'


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