CSP survey shows members with dyslexia face barriers to work and study adjustments

A CSP poll has revealed that many members with dyslexia experience problems gaining the reasonable adjustments they need at work or university.


In all, 65 members responded to the survey, providing information about their experiences of either having dyslexia or managing people with dyslexia.

Barriers to adjustments were reported by 54 per cent of respondents with dyslexia. They included the negative attitudes of others, excessive time taken to implement adjustments and the loss of additional time needed for administration.

One respondent said: ‘I requested an access to work assessment which was refused and they tried to put me on competency due to the speed of my written work affecting my caseload.’

Another explained: ‘While on placement I was told by my clinical educator that they didn't have time for my individual learning plan.’

The negative emotional impact of struggling with dyslexia was also raised.

A student with dyslexia who responded to the poll said: ‘I have to get my assignments in a week or two earlier than the rest of the students so my dyslexia tutor can check spelling and grammar.

This means I essentially have an earlier deadline and have to work harder than everyone else, and I still come out with low grades.

I cry a lot. I feel stupid. I work weekends and evenings and I still don’t make the grade, it’s demoralising.’

In response to the findings the CSP Disabled Member’s Network is hosting a study day on implementing reasonable adjustments for dyslexia. The event will be held in London on 12 July.

Cliff Towson, convenor of the network, said: ‘The focus of the day will be positive and proactive, understanding the legal rights to reasonable adjustments and looking at best practice solutions for the workplace and at university, using real CSP members’ stories.

‘We encourage any member with an interest in dyslexia to come along, including managers, educators, stewards, clinicians and students.’

The study day is free to CSP members. 

Author: Robert Millett

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