APCP report provides valuable insights into the experiences of physios during Covid-19

The Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists (APCP) has published a report that highlights the experiences of their members during the initial wave of Covid-19.


The report is based on a survey, which took place in June this year, that aimed to capture the experiences of APCP members during the first three months of the pandemic, in order to provoke discussion and enhance sharing and learning.

Now the survey’s findings, along with an in-depth analysis, expert discussion and a variety of possible learning points, have been published in an additional edition of the APCP Journal, Volume 11 Number 2.

The journal is normally only available to APCP members, however this issue has open access and provides a comprehensive analysis of the survey results, titled Practice and Experiences of Paediatric Physiotherapists during the COVID 19 Pandemic, which is freely available to view and download.

Commenting on the report, CSP professional adviser Abi Henderson said: ‘This is a highly valuable piece of work undertaken by the APCP that gives an enlightening insight into what many paediatric physiotherapy teams have experienced in this unprecedented time and others continue to face. 

It details the significant impact that Covid-19 has had on both physiotherapy services and individuals.

She added that the publication could also be of value to non-APCP members, as the issues covered and the findings discussed could be of relevance to other physiotherapy staff:

‘Many themes highlighted by this work will also resonate with CSP members working in areas other than paediatrics.’

A valuable learning resource

APCP survey report image

The project began earlier this year, following conversations about how APCP members could support each other during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The APCP national committee established a small project team, which developed an electronic survey that would enable members to share their experiences.

The survey resulted in feedback from 472 paediatric physiotherapists, and the results were subjected to Framework Analysis to determine key themes and sub-themes.

Some of the themes explored and discussed within the report, include:

  • role transformation
  • redeployment
  • caseload management
  • technology
  • continuing professional development
  • research and education
  • wellbeing and moving forwards

As well as providing an understanding of how physiotherapy staff were affected during the early stages of the pandemic - both personally and professionally - APCP hopes that their survey report can be used as a learning resource.

Within the report, the authors state that:

‘We hope that this APCP Survey Report, in its entirety can facilitate reflection of the journey through the Covid-19 crisis and its’ impact on our professional identity.’

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