Update: Northern Ireland lockdown beginning 27 November

The new NI lockdown to begin on 27 November will have no impact on the vast majority of physiotherapy delivery. 

As previously, all sessions should be risk assessed (see CSP guidance here) and for any face to face sessions appropriate PPE must be worn (see CSP guidance here).

Those of you in NHS posts will have heard about the call for volunteers to be involved in the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

The CSP supports the rollout of the vaccine programme and urge our members to get the vaccine when available.

Redeployment considerations

We also understand that this request comes at a time where service capacity continues to be overstretched. Therefore, we encourage you to consider the impact any redeployment would have on  existing services.

The Department of Health would also like for our members in private, independent practice and education to consider the role they may be able to play in the Covid vaccine programme.

As with NHS services, consideration of impact on existing work must be given as with other challenges but the CSP will continue to work with the department on ways our members can safely support the programme. All training will be provided through a short term contract with the HSC.

You can find more details here under the vaccination section.

As ever, if you have any specific questions that the CSP team in NI can support you with then please do get in touch.

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