Reopening your services

Find out what to consider when deciding whether to see patients remotely or in person.

Message from CSP and Physio First to private practitioners

We know it’s been a challenging few months and that these are particularly difficult times for private practice, whether you are working in MSK, neuro, paediatrics, care homes or domiciliary care. This is alongside the challenges faced by health and care services as a whole.

Across the UK, as lockdown measures are further eased:

  • You should be confident to open up your services and practices to see patients face-to-face, subject to your country/area's lockdown restrictions and following the relevant safety and government guidance.
  • As an HCPC registrant, you need to do all you can to minimise risk to yourself, colleagues and patients.
  • Do keep using virtual triage to risk assess, as part of infection prevention control measures, and to determine clinical need for each individual patient prior to a first session.
  • Do continue to consider and offer virtual treatment as your first option where possible.
  • Patients and the public should expect you to be open about your approach to infection control, so be ready to explain how you are following relevant guidance.

As further changes for health and care services across the UK are announced, be assured we will continue to update our guidance. 

We know some of you would like further clarification to help you understand how to implement the current guidance. The CSP is in the process of developing resources to assist you with this.

CSP and Physio First, 26 June 2020 (updated on 2 July 2020)

Guidance and advice on implementation

Health services across the UK are starting to reintroduce non-Covid services. While each country and crown dependency is at a slightly different point, all are beginning to implement a phased restart.

Nowhere though do these changes signal a return to ‘business as usual’.

Our advice will help you to restart offering face-to-face treatment when virtual means are not effective or appropriate.

Seven key factors for deciding face-to-face or remote
Physio making notes while on phone

Are face-to-face consultations appropriate – flowchart to help members decide

A flowchart to support members with their clinical decision-making on whether to offer remote or face-to-face consultations.  

It should be used alongside our full guidance and our checklists.

Flowchart to support your decision-making
Flowchart for decision-making about Covid-19 consultations
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