CSP helps develop new online platform to support Your Covid Recovery

The CSP has helped to develop a new NHS digital platform that will allow health professionals to support people who are recovering from Covid-19 at home.


Your Covid Recovery (YCR) is an online, interactive rehabilitation platform that has been specifically designed to enhance the recovery of post-Covid patients.

It has two key components: a public site with general information on all aspects of recovering from Covid-19 including physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

And an online, interactive rehabilitation platform specifically for patients with post-Covid syndrome, which requires referral and face to face assessment from a healthcare professional.

Patients who are referred to the resource will receive advice, support and face-to-face assessments from a healthcare professional, to help them recover in the short and immediate term after having Covid-19.

It is intended as an adjunct rather than a replacement for usual primary care support and rehabilitation services, and – as Covid rehab - is funded as additional unmet need and funds are not taken from already underinvested areas of rehab.

CSP role

The CSP has been involved in developing and reviewing the online platform. Chief executive Karen Middleton said:‘The CSP is proud of its role in developing this tailored, rehabilitation platform specifically for post-Covid patients.

‘It could help thousands of people to chart and self-manage their conditions at home.

'However, we must keep in mind that while virtual rehab will work very well for a lot of people, it won’t for everyone and it’s essential that no-one falls through the gaps.

We must also not forget the huge, unmet rehabilitation needs of non-Covid patients coping with a variety of long-term conditions and we must tackle the health inequalities that Covid-19 has laid bare. 

‘All of this shows why we desperately need a national rehabilitation strategy so that everyone, everywhere, has access to high-quality rehab in the way that works best for them, with online rehab being just of the options available.’

CSP members are being encouraged to inform their patients about the platform and raise awareness of the new resource, so that people across the UK have access to this rehabilitation support.


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