CSP launches short film to guide Covid-19 patients on the road to recovery

Getting adequate rest is vital for people recovering from Covid-19, but too much rest can slow recovery down, weaken muscles and make injuries more likely.

This is one of the messages in Covid-19: The Road to Recovery, a short film launched today by the CSP.

It offers practical, easy-to-follow advice for people recovering from Covid-19 – to enable them to regain their energy, increase their fitness and rebuild their normal routines.

Using animation, the film highlights the importance of a ‘little and often’ approach to exercise and physical activity, and shows how a gradual increase in daily activity can aid recovery, in a safe, effective way.

Mindy Dalloway, CSP campaigns and regional engagement officer, said: 'This is a great resource for members to share with their patients, and patient families, to help ease some of their anxiety about recovering from the virus and getting back to normal life.

It shows what people can expect when recovering from Covid-19; reassuring them that it may take time to get their energy and fitness back.

‘And it also provides advice on simple measures that anyone can take to ensure the best recovery possible; like keeping active and partaking in low-intensity exercise.'

Tips on breathlessness and exercises to build strength


The film also aims to alleviate the anxiety that people recovering from Covid-19 may experience if they find physical activities difficult, which they previously may have found easy.

For some patients this can include everyday activities like climbing the stairs or taking a walk.

As a result, the CSP has produced a Covid-19: The Road to Recovery  hub linking to the animated film.

This provides further advice and related resources, including tips for coping with breathlessness and an exercise poster that patients can use to help rebuild their strength.

How to share this resource

The CSP is encouraging physiotherapy staff to share the film with their patients, peers and colleagues.


For instance, you could:

  • Add a link to the animation on your email signature – with the following tag line: For more information about recovering from Covid 19 and for help managing your recovery visit www.csp.org.uk/recovery
  • Email your trust or organisation’s communications department with the link to the animation and ask them to share it on their social media profiles and with the contacts among their stakeholders (e.g. local councils, CCGs, Primary Care Networks, patient groups)
  • Embed the animation on your website and reference it in your communication to patients. The YouTube link for the video is https://youtu.be/3sURTAaxmc8

Widespread support

Covid-19: The Road to Recovery has already been endorsed by many of CSP’s Community Rehabilitation Alliance partners.

The film has received support from organisations including the Centre for Ageing Better, Asthma UK, the British Lung Foundation, the British Association of Sport Rehab, the Royal Osteoporosis Society, the British Society of Rehab Medicine, Adult Cerebral Palsy Hub and Nuffield Health

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