How to maintain good mental health in the 'hardest' year to study

Second year student Iwan Aled Davies shares some tips on mental health wellbeing.

Iwan Aled Davies, a 2nd-year physiotherapy student, encourages others to share their worries.

'Being a student during these times is very tough!  With placement uncertainty, practical lessons being different and revising at home without being able to meet up with other students making this year of studying the hardest for all. 

The main issue for many is how to maintain good mental wellbeing during these times.

Iwan Aled Davies is in his second year studying for a Bsc physiotherapy (3 years) at Glyndwr University, north Wales.

He is a member of the CSP student reference group. 

Here are a few tips on how I maintain healthy mental wellbeing whilst being a student: 

  • make a revision timetable – planning your revision timetable to different aspects of your studies allows you to focus your learning and take out the anxiety of thinking “What am I revising today?”
  • have a healthy work/life balance – best way I worked was in sessions of 50 minutes. Once I had done a session then I would have a 10-minute break to get up and move. Following two 50-minute sessions have a longer break and maybe go for a run or walk
  • form good support networks – these networks can be with your physiotherapy society (if you have one) or form a little group with your fellow students on WhatsApp so that you can share any worries. If you have second and third-year students try and talk with them, as they have experience of the work you are doing and would be eager to help.

Always talk of any worries you have. If any struggles become too much make sure to talk with your family, friends, other students or your lecturers.

These are the best support that you will have and will always be a kind listening ear that will help as best they can.

I found these links useful in order to get some further ideas on how to maintain healthy wellbeing over this tough period.'

CSP resource: Taking care of your mental health

NHS resource: 5 steps to mental wellbeing




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