Joint Statement: HSC Employers and Trade Unions

All Health and Social Care Staff are encouraged to have Flu Vaccination

Health and Social Care Employers areencouraging all our staff to have the influenza (flu) vaccination this winter. The flu vaccine is still the most effective way of preventing the serious complications of flu and helping to stop its spread in our communities.

We are currently experiencing the serious impacts of COVID-19 on health and social care services and in the coming months we will face the co-circulation of flu. The severity of flu cannot be predicted, but without protection, individuals risk infection from flu and COVID -19.  That is why it is so important this year for all our healthcare staff to be protected against flu by having the flu vaccination. This will protect staff, their families, and the people they provide care for and will help to keep our services operating over the winter months.

Employers and staff will work together to ensure the Flu Vaccination Programmes support and encourage allthose who work in Health and Social Care to have the fluvaccine. This will include local and easily accessible flu vaccination clinics that fit in with shift and working patterns, an increased number of Peer Vaccinators, circulating information to dispel myths about flu and communicating clear messages.

As Employers and Trade Unions, we will be proactive in sharing this important Public Health Message, encouraging staff and promoting the benefits of flu vaccination.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, British Orthoptic Society, BDA/Association of UK Dieticians, College of Podiatry, GMB, HSCA, Royal College of Midwives, Royal College of Nursing, Society of Radiographers, Unison, Unite





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