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We are Bea from the University of Birmingham and David from Bournemouth University, your new learning and development officers for the Student Reference Group. These are some resources that we think are useful for physiotherapy students.

  • Pocket guides
    ‘The Physiotherapist’s Pocketbook’ and ‘Anatomy and Human Movement pocketbook’ are handy reference guides for placements and practicals. If you join the CSP in the first term of your degree, you can receive one of these books as a free gift. (Read the reviews.)

  • Hough’s Cardiorespiratory Care: An evidence-based, problem-solving approach
    This book gives a structured problem-based approach to respiratory and cardiac problems with clear explanations of the pathophysiology and rehabilitation options along with special populations. A must for anyone with an interest in respiratory care. (Hough’s Cardiorespiratory Care: An evidence-based, problem-solving approach. Ed: Alexandra Hough. Published by Elsevier. ISBN: 978-0-7020-7184-3)
  • CSP diversity networks
    If you identify as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME), LGBT+, or disabled, the CSP community has three thriving diversity networks to support you, advocate change, provide professional role models and ultimately positively impact the wider CSP community.
  • James Armstrong's Youtube Channel
    James Armstrong is a recent graduate from Plymouth University and a member of the CSP South West Regional core team. His Youtube channel contains a catalogue of videos that cover topics such as clinical placements, reflections on practice, applying for jobs, as well as in-depth interviews with experienced clinicians, and a particular focus for students.
  • Clinical Physio
    Clinical Physio is run by Khalid Maiden, Phil Richards (Physios) and Dr Jack Hurley (a Physio turned GP) and provides regular webinars (some free), e-books, handouts and courses. The webinars were well received during lockdown with many glowing reports on twitter. Focussing on MSK, if you’re struggling with a concept, keep an eye for some help here!
  • CSP ePortfolio and Learning Hub
    It’s never too early to start an ePortfolio to keep a record of your CPD development, reflections and achievements all in one place.
  • First steps by Physio Matters
    This is a group of student and newly qualified physios who want to create a safe space for those ‘silly’ questions, share experiences and signpost to quality resources. It’s a new project but, with it being supported by the guys at Physio Matters, it is well worth keeping an eye on (see Instagram and Twitter).
  • Create a Twitter account
    Twitter is a great way of getting involved in your professional community. Engage with relevant physiotherapy-related conversation and keep updated on research and news. To get you started we recommend following @thecspstudentsand @thecsp

Please note: Resources appearing on this page are not necessarily endorsed by the CSP.

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