CSP deeply concerned by inequalities in Covid-19 impact

The CSP has expressed deep concern at the findings of Public Health England’s report on Covid-19 deaths, which was published this week after ‘unjustifiable delays’.


The report Covid-19: review of disparities in risks and outcomes identifies marked inequalities between different sections of the population.

Significantly, it finds that the risk of developing more serious illness and of dying with Covid-19 is higher among people in black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) groups than those in white ethnic groups.

The report also shows that mortality rates from Covid-19 in the most deprived areas of England are more than double those of the least deprived areas.

CSP chief executive Karen Middleton said: ‘This report has confirmed what many already feared but that will not make it any less profoundly worrying to everyone in BAME communities.

‘It is also deeply concerning to see the detrimental impact of longstanding inequalities reflected here, including poor quality work, inadequate housing and deprivation.

The unjustifiable delay in publication will have dealt a further blow to public trust, and concerted work will need to be prioritised to start to rebuild that.

Claire Sullivan, director of employment relations added: ‘We are already giving the highest priority to national and local work to address both the specific Covid-related issues and the much wider underlying ones affecting our BAME members.

'This report makes us even more determined to do everything possible to make sure our members are safe at work. We are part of work published last week on an enhanced risk assessment framework and will be producing supplementary joint union advice later this week.’

Mohammad Shoiab, co-convenor of the CSP BAME network, said: 'As is being reported in the media and professional bodies, the Public Health England report has not added anything new into the disparities and health inequalities faced by the BAME population. It has brought the facts into stark reality.

'Unfortunately, it has not provided any practical recommendations or guidance on how to overcome the barriers highlighted.'

He added: 'The health concerns and discrimination faced by the BAME community have been further highlighted again by the murder of George Floyd in the USA and historical institutional racism across many sectors of society. 

'I would urge any CSP member who identifies as BAME to register with the CSP BAME network, which offers a safe place for members to share their experiences with other BAME members.' 

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