Government to boost funding for first contact physiotherapy and physio students in England

The CSP has welcomed reassurances around funding for first contact physiotherapy (FCP) and student bursaries in England, but expressed disappointment that yesterday’s Budget failed to address the funding needs of the health and care sector.


The 2020 Budget includes a pledge to increase funding for NHS England by £34 billion a year by 2024, with part of that investment being used to recruit 6,000 more primary care professionals, including first contact physiotherapists, as part of the NHS Long Term Plan.

In addition, from September 2020, all new and existing physiotherapy, nursing, midwifery and AHP students in England will benefit from additional non-repayable maintenance grants to help with their living costs.

But, while the Budget committed to a substantial increase in funding to support primary care services this was not matched by an equal investment in the health and care sector, which will only receive an additional £1 billion of funding for social care next year.

Rob Yeldham, CSP Director of Strategy, Policy and Engagement, said:  ‘A one off extra £1billion for social care will not address the long-term underfunding of social care.’

‘Sick pay’ gap in Coronavirus funding


The Budget also outlined a £12 billion package to support public services, individuals and businesses whose finances are affected by COVID-19.

The package will include a £5 billion COVID-19 emergency response fund for the NHS and other public services, to ensure they have enough funding to appropriately respond.

But the TUC has warned that the government’s coronavirus funding is inadequate, as it provides no provision to support the ‘nearly 2 million people who miss out on sick pay because they don’t earn enough.’

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