CSP Scotland seeks guest bloggers for 'iCSP Influencers Network'

The CSP’s Campaigns and Regional Engagement team has recently developed a new ‘iCSP Influencers Network’ which aims to bring together CSP members who want to play an active role in influencing and raising the profile of the Physiotherapy profession.



The idea behind the network is to provide ideas, inspiration and resources for members wanting to influence within their organisation (such as co-workers, management and senior management) and/or externally (stakeholders, politicians, key healthcare decision-makers).


Find out more about the Influencers Network by clicking here

It will help like-minded members to connect and enables peer-to-peer discussion and exchange of ideas. Members can also utilise the new influencing guide, which is downloadable from the network, and gain inspiration from blog posts including the latest from West Midlands Co-Chair and Member of the FRAC CSP Committee, Philip Hulse.


The CSP Campaigns and Regional Engagement team will regularly post updates on the network with advice and suggestions for how members can promote the profession locally. The team is also on hand to provide you with any help you might want with scoping and planning influencing activity.


We’re currently on the lookout for guest bloggers who can share some of their current issues or experiences on the Network and highlight these to members.


If you would like to write a blog or know someone who may be interested, please contact Fraser Paterson, who is the Campaigns & Regional Engagement Officer for Scotland at patersonf@csp.org.uk  or call on 0131 285 2751.

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