Public Health England plan sets out how to achieve improved musculoskeletal health

The CSP is viewed as an ‘enabler’ for the delivery of a shared strategy supporting the  prevention of musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions across England.


Public Health England publishes a Five Year musculoskeletal health framework

MSK conditions are a big issue for individuals, employers and the NHS, which spends approximately £5 billion each year treating and supporting people with MSK.

Public Health England (PHE), along with partners and system collaborators, has published a five-year framework for preventing MSK conditions across the life-course.

Its logic model’ (section 3.1) showing the activities and outputs it plans to do over the next five years, flags that the CSP is viewed as an ‘enabler’ to the strategy.


These include that:

  • PHE wants government and agencies to integrate MSK into their approaches to multi-morbidity, multiple long term conditions and frailty.
  • will advocate for comprehensive data collection and support surveillance of MSK conditions across the population

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