Team GB archery representative hails the sport a target for the Love activity Hate exercise? campaign

Angela Cowan hopes her representation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the World Archery Field Championships will encourage others to take up what she describes as an inclusive and social sport and a great example for the CSP’s Love activity Hate exercise? campaign.



Team GB and Northern Ireland World Championship archery rep Angela Cowan wants to encourage more people to take up the sport

Ms Cowan, an orthopaedic physio at Southern Health and Social Care Trust, said: ‘I took archery up with my boys when they were young, now they’ve moved on and I kept going, and last year I made the selection for team GB.’

Ms Cowan said the social side of the activity was a motivating factor: ‘There are a lot of mums in my club and we travel together to events. It’s a good family activity.’

She also enjoys being outdoors, saying: ‘I do field archery and you have to shoot 24 targets going through woods and forests.’

Archery is also an activity that suits a range of physical abilities and ages. ‘The world championship course on a ski resort was particularly challenging.

‘It felt like you were climbing a mountain before you even started to shoot. But there are flatter courses and indoors, so it suits lots of abilities,’ she said.

‘My desire to improve at archery also means I exercise regularly to increase strength and endurance and I have made a great group of friends through both.

‘My advice to all my patients is, find an activity they enjoy – and you never know where it might lead you.

‘Five years ago, I would never have believed I would compete in a world championship. But I just did. It has also made me hungry to do it all again’.

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