Unions agree to pay offer for NHS staff in Wales

All health unions, including the CSP, have agreed to accept a three-year pay offer for NHS staff in Wales following extensive consultation with members.

Claire Sullivan, director of employment relations and union services

CSP members voted overwhelmingly in favour of the proposals in an online survey, backed up by feedback from workplace meetings held by CSP staff throughout Wales.

Around 41 per cent of eligible members voted in the survey, with just over 96 per cent backing the proposals.

Based on this mandate, the CSP Council’s pay working group endorsed acceptance of the pay offer.

Claire Sullivan, director of employment relations and union services, said:

‘There is still work to do to recover the loss from a decade of pay restraint, but for now we thank members for engaging with us and having their say in this extensive consultation.

‘This pay deal will deliver bigger increases at the top of the bands than have been seen in the NHS for many years, along with reform of the structure leading to higher starting salaries and faster progress to the top of the band for most staff.

‘It gives NHS staff in Wales long overdue recognition of the enormous contribution they make under huge pressure and we will continue to work hard to ensure their skill and dedication is rewarded fairly.’

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