NHS Digital announces programme to integrate private and health service data

Data on privately-funded hospital care will be integrated into NHS systems and standards for the first time, NHS Digital has announced.


Physio First chair Pam Simpson: a complete patient record across NHS and private boundaries would be a positive step

The aim is to address concerns about a lack of visibility of quality in private care and to complete patient records across NHS and private services, it said.

Leading the programme are NHS Digital and the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN), which collects data about private providers. The programme, announced on 26 June, will align this data with those captured by the NHS.

Pam Simpson, chair of Physio First, the CSP professional network for private practitioners, said: ’Wherever data is collected and analysed to demonstrate quality in physiotherapy treatment, that can only be a good thing for the whole profession.

‘If a complete patient record helps to ensure quality across NHS and private boundaries, then that would be a positive step too.’

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt said the programme would be an important, practical step toward better safety in the independent sector.

Meanwhile, Physio First is developing its own programme to find ways of collecting data using validation tools to show musculoskeletal physiotherapy outcomes.

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