Private physios prepare to collect outcomes data

A wide range of businesses involved in private physiotherapy are collaborating to develop ways to demonstrate the quality of private musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy services.


Pam Simpson predicted a ‘sea change’ in which quality physiotherapy is ‘the new currency’

At a meeting on 23 January, representatives of private physiotherapy providers, private hospitals and insurance companies, agreed to develop ways of collecting data using validation tools to show MSK physiotherapy outcomes.

Pam Simpson, chair of Physio First, the CSP professional network for private practitioners, said: ‘This is a terrific move for the private sector and Physio First has been predicting this development and getting ready for it for a few years. We would love to shout about this to all CSP members.’

The event followed exploratory talks in March 2017 to find out whether there was a collective will among private physio providers to gather broadly similar data.

She predicted a ‘sea change’ in which quality physiotherapy was ‘the new currency’, replacing a situation in which insurers placed contracts based solely on price.

‘What we have to do is prove that physiotherapy is both cost effective and valuable, and that is what this forum is about,’ she said.

She expected that another meeting to discuss progress would take place towards the end of the year.

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