Physiotherapist speaks of ‘honour’ at appointment as NICE expert adviser

Physiotherapist Dave Baker says it is ‘a great honour’ to be appointed as specialist advisor to a National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) committee that will be shaping national policy guidelines.


Mr Baker, one of the clinical directors of London-based Complete Physio, who is an extended scope physiotherapist, was appointed to advise the committee which is developing NICE’s Interventional Procedures Programme. The appointment followed after the CSP put his name forward to NICE.

The Interventional Procedures Programme will be developing guidelines on a wide range of diagnostics and treatments that either involve incision, puncture or other ways of entry into a body cavity, or use electromagnetic or acoustic energy.

‘It’s a real honour to be invited onto the advisory group in a personal capacity but it’s also important for the profession that physios are being asked to be advisors at this national level of decision making,’ he said.

‘It really shows how the profession is moving in terms of its profile and influence. I would advise and encourage to other physios to get involved and put their names forward at a national level to further raise the profile of the profession.’

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