CSP adds ‘rehab focus’ to NICE quality standard for hip fracture

Input from CSP members has informed guidance calling for people with hip fractures to begin rehabilitation the day after surgery.


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has updated quality standard for adults with hip fracture.

CSP professional adviser Carley King said physios had helped to shape the quality standard, as the society had responded to a consultation on the draft document – and its submission was informed by members’ views.

She told Frontline: ‘We’ve made a real difference to this standard, as the final version has more emphasis on the community aspects of the patient pathway in comparison to the draft document.

‘The CSP’s consultation response has also made an impact on the use of terminology. In the draft document the term “mobilisation” was used instead of “rehabilitation”, with an incorrect definition of mobilisation being provided in the supporting information.

‘The focus on rehabilitation could have a major impact on the National Hip Fracture Database, and is a step forward in championing the use of the term rehabilitation.’

The standard advises that

  • people with hip fracture should receive a physiotherapy assessment and, when appropriate, be offered daily rehabilitation starting on the day after surgery
  • hip fracture patients should be cared for within a Hip Fracture Programme at every stage of the care pathway
  • Rehabilitation should be offered to these patients every day while they are in hospital and should continue once they are discharged

Author: Robert Millett

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