Fit note proposals ‘an important step’, says CSP

Proposals to allow other health care professionals to sign people off from work have been warmly welcomed by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.


Moves to allow physios and other health care professionals to sign people off from work welcomed

Commenting on the measure in Work, Health and Disability Green Paper, chief executive Karen Middleton said: ‘This is potentially an important step towards helping more people avoid the misery of prolonged absence from work.

‘Allowing physiotherapists to issue fit notes would give patients the opportunity to be assessed, given advice and therefore begin their rehabilitation on the day they were signed off.

Return to work

‘This greatly improves their chances of a full and swift recovery or, for people with a long-term condition, getting their symptoms back under control to the point where they can return to work.

‘We also believe there would be considerable benefits to the economy as a whole, through reduced sickness absence and social security, fewer people seeking GP appointments and lower demand for other health and care services.

‘We need more physiotherapists to ensure the full potential of this proposal is realised but believe it is a very encouraging move in the right direction.’

The document also strongly endorses the role physiotherapists are playing in GP surgeries and includes as a case study one such service in West Cheshire.

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