NICE launches tool to help physios assess their service

A template which could help physios assess the quality of their services is available on the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) website.


Carley King: The template can help physios summarise audit activity

It has been designed to allow health service providers make an assessment of their current practice, record an action plan and monitor quality improvement.

CSP professional adviser Carley King said physiotherapists can use the tool to get instant access to quality standards from NICE. She said they can select up to 10 topics for quality improvement, including stroke, dementia and diabetes.

‘With so many quality standards available, this template helps to pull them into one place,’ said Ms King.

‘Rather than having reams of information, the template can be used to help physios summarise all of the audit activity being undertaken.

‘It could also help with audit planning, ensuring a joined up process throughout.’ (it’s the excel sheet on the webpage)

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