CSP launches ‘one-stop shop’ for cardiorespiratory physios

A resource developed by the CSP could help physio staff working with people with cardiorespiratory conditions to alleviate some of the winter pressures on the health service.


Inspire is based on new and updated guidance about cardiorespiratory care


Inspire, which went live on the society's website today, was designed to give CSP members quick and easy access to the clinical guidelines relevant to their practice.

‘When there are winter pressures and consequent pressures on bed capacity, it’s particularly important that we’re following the evidence-based recommendations in these guidelines,’ said CSP professional adviser Carley King.

‘Being aware of guidance around pneumonia, and other potentially critical illnesses that increase at this time of year, can only be a positive thing.’

By accessing Inspire, qualified physios, students and support workers can view patient case studies showing how guidelines accredited by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) can be implemented.

The resource is based on all the new and updated guidance about cardiorespiratory care published in the last five years. It will be updated annually.

Ms King, who project-managed Inspire, said it could be used for a range of purposes.

The resource could, for example, influence the treatment of individuals: ‘If you have a patient with motor neurone disease, and you don’t usually treat people with this condition, then Inspire can help you find out about the best practice recommendations which can inform your treatment,’ Ms King said.

It could also be used as a continuing professional development activity, as part of in-service training or to inform an audit of physiotherapy services.

The CSP funded the in-house development of Inspire after research, including members’ responses to a survey, showed that guidelines are not always implemented or known about.

‘Implementation happens at a range of levels – national, organisational and individual,’ said Ms King.

‘So this project is a way of trying to making guidance feel more relevant to physios. The aim is that our members can see what’s applicable to them, rather than having to trawl through lots of documents.’

‘I hope that, as a result of Inspire, people will be more aware of what NICE-accredited guidelines say and that ultimately it will help to change practice and improve patient care.’

CSP members can find out more about the conditions and issues covered by the Inspire by accessing the associated process overview document.

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