Online learning resources

There are lots of useful online resources for student physiotherapists. Here are a few to get started

Please find below links to online learning resources and activities. These are free to access unless indicated.

NB: The resources identified as examples and are not intended as endorsements.

Future Lean


Future Learnoffer a selection of courses from universities and institutions. Most modules are free if completed within a short period. Relevant modules include:

Clinical Physio

Clinical Physio provides webinars, a blog and other resources. Follow on Instagram to stay in the loop.


Physioplus is offering 30 days free access to all universities to their existing online courses and resources in their teaching. If you do not have access, ask your university to apply for free (temporary) access. Physioplus are also offering free to access their coronavirus training programme.


e-Learning for Healthcare

e-Learning for Healthcare is provided by Health Education England (in partnership with the NHS) and offers a vast array of online training programmes for different healthcare professionals including person-centred approaches, safe-guarding and on the coronavirus. You can register for free access by using your email address. The platform also includes an open-access resource for prospective AHP students.

More resources will be added to this page in due course.

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