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The CSP offers a wide variety of member networks. Join as a student member to hear from, talk to and meet with other members from across the physiotherapy community. It’s never too early to build your networks.

National and regional networks

Keep up with network activities in your area as a member of your country board or, if in England, regional network.

This is a great way to meet members, make contacts and attend events.

To join, email the board or network directly.

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Nation and region networks


The CSP has over 50 interactive CSP forums (or iCSPs) for members to discuss topics, ask questions and share resources and opportunities.

Subscribe to forums that interest you and select ‘Get Emails’ to receive alerts of new posts.

Don’t forget to join the Students iCSP!

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BAME network

This diversity network is for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) members.

The network's aim is to influence and impact CSP activities affecting BAME members, raise non-BAME members’ awareness of BAME issues such as BAME representation across the physio profession, and challenge factors that limit individual opportunities.

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Sharing a deeper understanding

DisAbility network

The DisAbility diversity network is for CSP members with disabilities of any form.

The network aims to increase awareness that those with disabilities can be and are excellent physiotherapists and support workers undertaking physiotherapy duties.

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LGBTQIA+ network

The CSP’s LGBTQIA+ diversity network supports and empowers members with regards to LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the physio profession.

It aims to improve the lives of network members as well as those of our service users and their communities. It also wants to ensure network members are able to contribute effectively to the CSP's strategy.

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Professional networks

There are around 30 Professional Networks affiliated with the CSP. Each focuses on something different from patient populations such as children and young people, to medical specialties like neurology and respiratory.

Please note: some networks charge a membership fee.

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