Your CSP Council needs you

Help us to shape the future of the CSP and the profession by putting yourself forward to join council 

Your CSP council needs you
Your CSP council needs you

This year, six places are available. Could one of them be yours? 

For career and leadership development it is important to take the opportunity to learn and develop skills from activities outside that of your paid job.

Think about the elections this year as part of your personal development plan. Think about what you can give back to the profession but also what you can take from the experience of serving on Council. 

All parts of the CSP membership are encouraged to stand for Council election – including associate and student members.

Is Council for you?

Being a Council member is:

  • a great development opportunity
  • a chance to be heard and to influence the future of the profession
  • open to all CSP members 
  • for those with energy, enthusiasm and passion for physiotherapy    

It is also:

  • a challenging but well-supported and hugely rewarding role
  • a time commitment
  • a role requiring leadership skills. 

Diversity on Council

It is essential that our Council is made up of a diverse range of members, from different backgrounds and specialisms so that…

  • it is reflective of its members.
  • it is able to stay informed and responsive to the needs of the sector.
  • it encourages debate and the ability to make better decisions.

    Diversity includes different backgrounds, life experiences, career paths and diversity of thought.

    Council members can bring invaluable experience and perspectives from all walks of life and sections of the membership.

    What does a Council member do?

    • Council provides leadership for the physiotherapy profession. It identifies and agrees CSP policy and strategy and is responsible for the governance of the organisation. 
    • Council’s work is supported by three strategic committees: the finance, risk and audit committee, the employment committee and the professional committee.
    • Council induction isn’t just a one off, it continues from meeting to meeting. 
    • Being a Council member provides the opportunity to learn subjects that are completely new to you, as well as to build upon what you may already know. It is always interesting to listen to other members’ views.

    The support you get from CSP

    • an induction in governance, finance, risk, and strategy – to help you shape the CSP.
    • increased knowledge of the profession – its scope, diversity and potential – to enable you to work on behalf of the whole membership.
    • develop your strategic thinking, communication, decision-making, team-working and leadership skills.
    • continuous support from the CSP governance team, directors and CEO to increase your exposure and develop your knowledge of the CSP’s work.

    Time commitment

    From as little as 10 days per year, including:

    • four Council meetings that include induction and development sessions, a ticket for the Physiotherapy UK conference, the Annual Representative Conference (ARC) and attendance at the CSP Annual General Meeting (AGM).
    • the opportunity to represent the CSP at external physiotherapy events.
    • meeting information and papers are provided to Council members a week in advance to enable members to prepare their input.
    • successfully elected Council members will take up their seat following the AGM in December 2021. However there will be inductions sessions for new members to attend throughout the year.

    Covering your costs

    All out-of-pocket expenses involved in serving as a Council member are reimbursed, including travel and subsistence costs, childcare costs, overnight accommodation if required, plus consideration is given to reimbursement for loss of earnings.

    The nominations process opened on 22 March 2021.

    To nominate yourself you will need to:

    • complete an online application form.
    • secure six proposers who are CSP members to support your application
    • provide a 350-word election address to demonstrate how your skills and experience make you the right person to represent your profession as a CSP Council member – this will be posted to the whole membership to inform their vote.

    Nominations will close on 17 May 2021.

    Securing votes from members

    You will need to canvass support for your nomination from among the CSP membership.

    Advice and tips for doing this are available here or talk to a current Council member.

    The Council elections poll will be open for members’ votes from 7 June to 29 June.

    Election results will be announced on 6 July.

    If you enjoy discussing and thinking through complex issues and choices, then Council may be for you.

    CSP chief executive Karen Middleton said: 

      The CSP benefits from having Council members that have limited previous governance experience, as well as those who have a lot – the mix of the two is invaluable. Seeing a group of members who work in the same profession, yet have completely different opinions, experience and expertise come together to make a decision informed by the expertise in the organisation is a real privilege for me. 

      Seeking advice

      Further information – including the role description, person specification, reflections from current Council members and how to get elected here

      If you’re thinking of nominating yourself for Council but are unsure or want to learn more about what’s involved, please contact one of the current Council members to gain advice and hear their thoughts.

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