Your comments: 18 November 2015

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Mentoring magic

As a senior manager in the NHS, Karen Middleton’s column on mentoring (page 35, 4 November) resonates with me now more than ever. As an overseas- qualified physiotherapist, I have found the support and insight provided by my mentors has been invaluable in shaping my career. 
Did you know that the CSP facilitates a mentoring scheme for overseas qualified physiotherapists? With support from the CSP Black and Minority Ethnic network, more than 200 members have signed up as volunteers to mentor overseas-qualified colleagues who are either in the process of Health and Care Professions Council registration or have recently become registered physiotherapists. 
You might find talking to someone who went through the same process a while ago beneficial. Starting to practise in a different country is more than gaining formal registration; it is also about understanding the British physiotherapy culture and characteristics – and this is where a mentor can really make a difference. For more information, email
  • Suni Narayan, head of equality, diversity and inclusivity, and neuromuscular clinical specialist physiotherapist, University Hospital Southampton

Everyone’s a winner

I write to thank you for the article on workplace wins. It highlighted some of the great work that our network of stewards and safety representatives do in a voluntary role throughout the country (page 17, 21 October). Their energy, time and expertise lead to a stronger physiotherapy voice to ensure fair treatment and improved health and wellbeing for CSP members. In addition to the more obvious roles of representing members in difficult times, it is so important that we remember the wealth of ‘undercover’ work that they carry our daily smoothing out difficulties and preventing issues from escalating. So much of this work will never be publicised but do not underestimate its tremendous value. We know that improved working conditions for employees ultimately leads to better patient care and our reps play such an important role in creating that positive environment.
  • Katie Wilkie, regional steward and CSP Council member

Survey alert

Some colleagues and I are conducting a survey titled ‘A survey exploring the current practice in the assessment and provision of assistive technologies for people with neurological disability by healthcare professionals in the UK’.   This research will explore the provision of assistive devices to patients with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and stroke.   We are aiming to carry out a survey among allied health professionals working in this speciality in order to frame and inform this piece of work. For more information, visit  

Rethink needed

I was delighted to read the article on primary care (page 29, 16 September). I, along with others, have beefed about this issue for years, realising how much money could be saved if well-qualified musculoskeletal (MSK) physios could be in every surgery filtering the patients with MSK problems and only sending the GP those that needed other medical care.
  • Cas Boddam-Whetham

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