Comment: From big to small ‘p’ politics

There was a buzz around the society’s London headquarters last week. Karen Middleton, the society’s chief executive, gave evidence to the House of Commons health select committee.

Not something she does every day and a huge opportunity to promote the profession on a national stage.
‘So what?’ you might say. ‘What difference does it make to me in my job?’
Members are working in extremely difficult times, particularly those in the NHS, where austerity measures are beginning to impact on the level of service they can provide. Look, for instance, at the example of Mid-Essex where one of the money-saving plans is to limit physio sessions to one per patient. (See page 8)
Even outside the NHS, there are financial pressures as patients tighten their belts. Jobs with associated health insurance policies may be in jeopardy too. So, inevitably, physios are facing pressure on their pay and conditions.
It’s only too easy to try to keep calm and carry on. Cut some costs and a few corners. But while that might offer a short term fix, in the longer term it puts jobs and patient care at risk.
The CSP staff are here fighting members’ corner in many different ways. It might, for example, be offering advice to a group of staff facing a local problem, or, as Karen did in the select committee, appearing on a national platform to promote the skills CSP members can offer in the expanding primary care field. 
So, while we all want and need to keep a low profile at times, at others it’s about sticking your head above the parapet, spotting a different way of doing something, and just going for it!
  • Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications
Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications

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