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Let’s banish the stigma

I would like to thank both Frontline and Tom for the article in the last issue on his experience of bipolar disorder. 
As a musculoskeletal physio with anorexia athletica, it was refreshing to see an article demonstrating that the CSP and Frontline embrace physio mental health issues. 
There is still stigma attached to mental health issues and by Tom’s bravery in being open about his bipolar disorder and this being published, I applaud you. I am lucky in having tremendous support at work, where I work privately for a large organisation. 
I only wish that outside – with friends, family and work – it was similar. My experience of working in the NHS and receiving treatment as a patient was not only detrimental to my health but soul-destroying as, fundamentally, it is such a great provider. I urge physios to embrace one another’s mental wellbeing.
  • Member’s name withheld on request

Physiotherapist on board

The charity Arthritis Research UK has just appointed a new trustee, Professor Sallie Lamb based at the University of Oxford.
Professor Lamb is a health researcher with an established programme of internationally recognised research in arthritis. She is a chartered physiotherapist and has worked in research and clinical practice in the NHS over many years.  Sallie brings primary care and clinical experience to the board.
Arthritis causes pain and disability to 10 million people in the UK. In 2015, the charity re-focused its vision on the prevention and cure of arthritis, as well as improving the quality of life of people who are living in the pain of arthritis now. 
Over the next five years, Arthritis Research UK plans to expand its activities to include personalised information content, an enhanced enquiries service and the extension of its influencing activities.
I believe it is vital for our board to have the right mix of skills and expertise in order for us to achieve our aims and for the board to hold us truly accountable.  I am hugely excited about Sallie’s appointment. 
She is a leader in her field and will bring with her the experience and vision to help us to make a real positive difference to the lives of people with arthritis.

Hats off!  

For years I have been exasperated by the slow progress in bringing physiotherapy into the wider public domain. 
A chance conversation woke me up to the nature of our new chief executive. We invited Karen Middleton to meet our team at CTC Healthcare. She came and gave her vision for physiotherapy.  In her last Frontline column, Karen detailed the success of her team in affecting the very pillars of the NHS referral system Monumental.  A game-changing legacy. 
Last month, we were awarded two pilot schemes at GP practices in our locality under the GP access scheme. Exactly the vision that Karen and her team have lobbied for. So hats off. Thank you team Middleton. Push the boat out ...
  • Rick Carter, managing director, CTC Healthcare, Crewe 
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