Workout at Work: five years and still going strong

CSP vice chair Philip Hulse has found that the benefits of CSP’s Workout at Work Days last far beyond the day itself. What might you do this year?

Workout at Work Days have always been much more than a photo opportunity for me: they were about promoting physiotherapy and delivering something tangible beyond the day itself. 
So this year’s shift away from a specific day, giving members a chance to set up an event on a day that’s best for them, can only be a positive step. For more details, see pages 22-3.
Our team’s experience last year shows what can be achieved beyond just one day. I work at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJAH) in Shropshire, where three physiotherapists held an event in partnership with ‘Help2Change’, Shropshire council’s public health team. 
The RJAH physios have had a self-referral scheme for staff at the hospital for five years and offer a similar service to Shropshire fire service. They are also developing links with the council as part of the government’s Making Every Contact Count initiative.
On Workout at Work Day last year, physios offered 30 council staff a 15-minute physiotherapy triage assessment and advice session. Before the appointment staff were sent pain and functional questionnaires. 
As a result, one third received lifestyle advice and some simple exercises. Another third needed a follow up within four weeks and the remainder, who had significant pain and/or pathology, were directed to primary care for investigation and referral on for management.
According to Miranda Ashwell, Help2Change lead, many staff were struggling at work with musculoskeletal problems and that they valued the support.
Shropshire Council then funded a second day, held in February. 
RJAH therapy staff are working in partnership with Help2Change towards further developing occupational health services at Shropshire council.
If successful, the model could well develop to offer work-based preventive health services in the West Midlands and beyond. 
All thanks to the Workout at Work initiative! 
  • Philip Hulse is therapy outpatients team lead, Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust
Philip Hulse

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