Workplace Wins

Your CSP steward and safety reps are there to support you on individual workplace problems, we share some of their successes

Workplace wins
Workplace wins

Win 1: Return to work during Covid-19

A member at a hospital in Sussex, who was classed as being in the vulnerable Covid-19 group, was anxious about returning to their workplace in a GP setting, after working from home during the lockdown. The member had been sent an email asking them to return to their workplace within two weeks, following a three-month period of home working. 

The safety rep, Nathan, met with the member to discuss the issue and carried out some research, which showed that this was a wider workplace issue, with multiple vulnerable staff having anxieties related to returning to face-to-face duties. Nathan encouraged the staff member and management team to have a meeting to discuss the member’s concerns and also to seek advice from occupational health. As a result of the intervention by the safety rep the member and their line managers have agreed to a series of short and long-term work plans, which the member is comfortable with.

Win 2: Menopause support

Several members working for a social enterprise in Yorkshire approached their CSP steward, Justine, as they were worried about the lack of formal guidance on how staff could be supported when going through the menopause. There were also concerns over a lack of guidance on how flexible working during the menopause could be facilitated by managers. Justine, alongside other union reps, raised the issue at the partnership and wellbeing forums, where it was agreed that an organisation-wide menopause policy would be jointly written.

The policy has now been introduced and managers are also receiving training on how to support staff going through the menopause.

Win 3: Equipment for virtual assessment

Staff in a health board in Wales were struggling to carry out virtual appointments during Covid-19, due to a lack of appropriate equipment. The department only had two telephones and there wasn’t a platform to do video-call assessments. This led to low morale amongst the staff and increased stress level among staffs for the accountability risk they were taking without seeing the patient. The CSP steward, Resmi, worked with the other staff trade unions and the issue was raised in the partnership forum. Following negotiations, the trust provided the department with 25 laptops, 10 telephones, and 25 headsets, which means that every single staff member now has their own laptop and headset. The staff can now also use the Attend Anywhere secure NHS video call service to carry out assessments. This has resulted in improved satisfaction rate amongst patients and improved staff morale.

Win 4: Post-natal return to work

A member approached their CSP steward after going off sick from work experiencing post-natal depression.  

Their rep supported the member by exploring various return-to-work options with the employer, facilitating an occupational health referral, and securing adequate equipment for home working.  With this early and consistent help from the CSP, the member eventually returned to their normal hours. 

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