Workplace wins

Grampian NHS was declared rep team of the year last month at ARC

Workplace wins July 2024

The winners of this year’s rep team of the year awards include over 20 outstanding representatives, comprising of stewards, safety reps and equality reps. These dedicated individuals have worked across multiple sites, supporting areas such as capability, attendance, conduct, redeployment, organisational change, grievances and historical mileage cases. Moreover, they have played a crucial role in supporting both management and members with the integration of internationally educated staff into the workforce.

‘This has been a coming together of the development of the CSP reps in Grampian over the past 4-5 years,’ said CSP steward, Donal Gallagher.

‘We have worked hard to get our names out there and build relationships across Grampian to ensure we can support members. We’ve developed initiatives that have been successful in bringing members and management together and opening channels of communication. It’s nice to get this recognition and we will endeavour to keep developing the team.’

They have also looked at rotational loops and supported members to set up band 5 and 6 meetings where 46 members got together with their peers and raised issues specific to them and fed back to the committee to ensure the member’s voices are heard and their concerns are acted upon. This improved staff morale and the relationships between management and staff.

This year’s winners have demonstrated the value of building a cohesive rep team in the workplace, with stewards, safety reps, and equality reps working together. 

Find out more about the reps of the year awards and the other category winners will be profiled in future issues of Frontline


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