Rep of the year Awards 2024

Celebrating the outstanding work of our representatives with the Rep of the Year Awards. Meet all the winners

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Our 2024 reps of the year [Guzelian]

The Rep of the Year awards took place on 18 June this year, at the Annual Representative Conference (ARC). These awards are a wonderful opportunity to highlight the remarkable efforts of CSP’s elected representatives in making workplaces safer, more equitable, healthier, and happier.

Meet the Winners:

Rep Team of the Year

  • Winner: NHS Grampian
  • Runner-up: NHS Highlands

Contribution to Equality in the Workplace


  • Ugwueze Nwafor - Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
  • Runner-up: Atika Sharma

Safety Rep of the Year

  • Winner: Hayley Stevenson - Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust
  • Runner-up: Anna Cudmore

Steward of the Year

  • Winner: Claire Ellis - Manx Care on the Isle of Man
  • Runner-up: Donal Gallagher

    This year, we are thrilled to announce that we received over 85 nominations, marking another record-breaking year for the awards! The sheer number of nominations is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our reps.

    ‘Year on year, the panel judging the awards takes more inspiration from what our reps achieve on behalf of CSP members,’ says Jim Fahie, CSP assistant director of Employment Relations and Union Services, and a judge on this year's panel.

    ‘The standard of nominations is incredible to read, and the breadth of support and advice never ceases to amaze me.

    From leading on equality in the workplace to raising grievances, workplace assessments, and stress surveys to regain lost space, to empowering members to take forward their issues and achieve a positive result.

    Every nominee can feel proud that they were put forward by the members in their workplace, just as we are proud of the work they undertake.

    The Rep of the Year Awards allows us to reflect on the dedication of our reps who often go above and beyond in their roles. By coordinating collective efforts, they strive to achieve social justice within their workplaces, positively impacting not only their immediate colleagues but also contributing to the broader landscape of fair work, conditions, and pay in healthcare settings.

    The winners have demonstrated exceptional dedication in their respective categories. NHS Grampian, awarded Rep Team of the Year, showed exemplary teamwork and support within their community. Ugwueze Nwafor’s work in contributing to equality, diversity, and belonging in Wales set a high standard, while Atika Sharma’s efforts as a runner-up were also commendable.

    Hayley Stevenson, named Safety Rep of the Year, has made significant strides in improving workplace safety at Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust. Anna Cudmore, as the runner-up, also made notable contributions. Claire Ellis from Manx Care on the Isle of Man, awarded Steward of the Year, exemplified the role with distinction, while Donal Gallagher’s efforts earned him the runner-up position.

    We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners. Your unwavering dedication and tireless efforts have made a substantial difference in creating fairer and more just workplaces. Thank you for your invaluable contributions to our community and for continuing to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and advocacy in healthcare settings.

    If you’ve been inspired by our winners and would like to join a rep team and make a difference, contact us at or visit our website to learn more about what you can do.

    We will be featuring all of this year’s winners in more detail each month in upcoming issues of Frontline.' Meet the first.

    The judges thank all those members who nominated their reps for an award.

    If you’ve been inspired by our winners and would like to make a difference and stand as a CSP steward or safety rep contact us at and or visit what you can do.

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