What matters? Research priorities for physiotherapy

Katherine Jones discusses the progress of  a CSP attempt to identify UK-wide research priorities for physiotherapy.

Earlier this year, the CSP announced the launch of its Physiotherapy Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) with the James Lind Alliance (JLA), funded by the CSP’s Charitable Trust. The purpose of setting up this partnership has been to enable clinicians, patients and carers to work together to identify top research questions about physiotherapy in the UK. In turn, this collaboration is expected to inform future funding for research in physiotherapy.
In the first phase of this partnership, the CSP’s project team invited anyone with an interest in, or experience of, physiotherapy in the UK to take part in a survey and share his or her questions about physiotherapy. With the support of an external steering group, and more than 40 partner organisations, including professional networks, charities, universities and commissioning bodies, the survey received over 540 responses, generating 2,151 questions about physiotherapy. Some 45 per cent of the survey responses came from physiotherapists working in clinical practice, and over a third of responses were from members of the public with an interest in, or experience of, physiotherapy.
The next phase of the PSP involved checking the questions raised about physiotherapy against the evidence base, and categorising those not yet answered into a long list of research ideas. The Physiotherapy PSP recently launched a second survey to prioritise its long list of research ideas. 
The project team would like to invite anyone with an interest in, or experience of, physiotherapy in the UK to help rank the research priorities for physiotherapy by taking part in the PSP’s prioritisation survey. In early 2018, the CSP will then host a workshop to finalise the top physiotherapy research priorities for implementation.  

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For more information, and to have your say in the prioritisation survey here,  
  • Dr Katherine Jones is a CSP research adviser
Dr Katherine Jones is a CSP research adviser

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