Editor's comment: one step beyond

As ever, it’s great to meet some of CSP’s members at the annual conference, held this year in Birmingham, says Frontline managing editor Lynn Eaton. 

While it’s attended by only a small proportion of the 56,000 members out there, it’s interesting to see the level of engagement with the debates that take place.

One example I overheard in the coffee shop was a group of three young men excitedly discussing Professor Sir Muir Gray’s presentation.

But the thrust of what he said was that physios need to think beyond physiotherapy, towards what he called ‘population therapy’. In other words, going beyond just the patients on their books. 

The enthusiasm Professor Gray instilled in those three future physios was palpable. 

The conference was also a-buzz with the leadership messages and how physios can – and should – step beyond their comfort zone, whether that’s carrying out research or applying for a job managing service change across a whole trust.

Listening to the debates on what being a physio used to be like in the ‘good old, bad old days’ I was aware of just how young a profession it still is. Those early days were really not so very long ago. But the CSP – through encouraging and funding research initiatives – is seeking to ensure an evidence-based approach as the profession matures.

Whether you’re a conference-goer or not, remember to keep abreast of developments with Frontline!

Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications


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