Updated CSP Covid-19 standards for palliative rehab and end of life care

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New guideline
New guideline to support people living with frailty who receive surgery

The CSP has published an updated version of its Covid-19 rehabilitation standards, covering rehabilitation and physiotherapy care for people with Covid-19 who are approaching the end of their life, as well as support for their families and carers.

The updated version has been expanded to take into account updated guidance and emerging evidence, including people’s lived experiences regarding:

  • sequelae of Covid-19 including Long Covid
  • personalised symptom management
  • clinical risk stratification
  • functional screening tools and ongoing assessment

New guideline to support people living with frailty who receive surgery

A Guideline for Perioperative Care for People Living with Frailty Undergoing Elective and Emergency Surgery is a joint

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publication from the Centre for Perioperative Care and the British Geriatrics Society. 

It aims to provide clinicians, commissioners, managers, patients and their carers with an evidence-based pathway for supporting older people living with frailty through elective and emergency surgery.

Social Prescribing Global Alliance’s international playbook

The Global Social Prescribing Alliance (GSPA) has published an online international playbook that explores how social prescribing can help people improve their physical and mental health and connect with their communities. 

The playbook shares expert guidance about the best health and wellbeing practices and provides guidance and advice about how a holistic, social prescribing approach can be adopted.

Take the ‘Your Mind Plan’ quiz

Public Health England has launched an NHS-endorsed Mind Plan quiz, to support the Better Health-Every Mind Matters campaign.

The ‘Your Mind Plan’ quiz asks participants five questions and uses the answers to build a practical plan that they can use to maintain and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

The quiz is designed for people aged 18 or over and all of the actions suggested by the plan have been identified via a range of evidence-seeking activities, and were scored by members of an expert advisory group and clinical advisers.

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