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Alex MacKenzie, CSP chair of council, is urging every member to get involved with our new equity, diversity and belonging strategy

The CSP has launched its new equity, diversity and belonging strategy

I am delighted to be able to share with you the new CSP equity, diversity and belonging strategy. This has been co-produced with diversity network members, other CSP members and CSP staff.

The importance of having a strategy is that it sets out a path, a way to achieve a goal. But it is also just the start. What is important is its implementation. 

We want to change our profession and our organisation to create equity, diversity and a true sense of belonging for everyone. This strategy has actions for CSP staff, but also for members. I urge all members to take a look and see how you can play your part in this.

In order to ensure that the impetus for change remains fundamental to the work we are doing, council have taken the decision to create an equity, diversity and belonging committee to provide insight and support to council, to monitor the progress of the strategy, and to provide recommendations as to changes that will be required over time. This sits equity, diversity and belonging firmly within the governance structures of the CSP.

We will be looking for a range of members to put themselves forward for this new committee. We are looking for any members who have an interest in equity, diversity and belonging work. 

You will have the opportunity to help shape our work and to inject energy and enthusiasm into leading the profession and governing the CSP. 

You can find the full details including the terms of reference and the committee member person specification on the website.

We aim to create a profession that welcomes everyone, reflects the populations we work in, values diversity and also works within the wider society to influence changes there too.

Even if you do not wish to stand for the committee, it is beholden on each and every one of us to take action and work together towards a more equitable society for our colleagues and for our patients. 

  • Alex MacKenzie is CSP chair of Council

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