Top tips for staying safe at university

A selection of tools, books and information sources that you may find useful

Top tips for staying safe at university

Top tips for staying safe at university 

The Complete University Guide offers advice for students about safeguarding themselves and their property. Take the time to read their top tips, and follow the simple precautions to help safeguard yourself and your possessions while you’re at university. 

New student members: your welcome gift 

When you join the CSP as a student member, we’ll send you a useful pocketbook as a welcome gift. Choose* from either The Physiotherapist’s Pocketbook, a quick reference guide that can be kept in a tunic pocket while on the wards during your placement, or Anatomy and Human Movement Pocketbook, which is a concise guide to essential anatomy covering all parts of the human body. The Physiotherapist’s Pocketbook: Essential Facts at Your Fingertips  Karen Kenyon and Jonathan Kenyon Elsevier; Third edition ISBN 978-0-7020-7852-1  Anatomy and Human Movement Pocketbook Nigel Palastanga, Roger Soames, Dot Palastanga.ISBN 978-0-443-06912-3

*Choice subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to manage your money better 

Some students struggle to make ends meet while studying at university. The National Union of Students advises on some ways to save money and increase your income, and signposts to some sources of financial advice for students. 

Back to life: How to unlock your pathway to recovery when back pain persists

Back to Life offers a new way of dealing with back pain: understand the psychology of pain; debunk the myths; find the source of your pain; manage your pain – including all the emotions and anxiety that go with it; master exercises and stretches; identify and solve the social factors; and get lasting relief.
Back to life: How to unlock your pathway to recovery when back pain persists by David Rogers and Dr Grahame Brown. Vermilion. £12.99

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