Professional networks and hip sprint local – count us in

Join Agile and ATOCP in using the hip fracture standards and proving it. Sarah De Biase and Sarah Marshall explain what’s in it for you

Sarah De Biase vice chair of Agile and Sarah Marshall is ATOCP national executive member

Agile and the Association of Trauma and Orthopaedic Chartered Physiotherapists (ACTOP) represent CSP members working with older people and in trauma and orthopaedics respectively. 

We fully endorse the CSP hip fracture standards, which align with our networks’ efforts to drive improvements in hip fracture and falls prevention care pathways. 

We want to support our members to deliver high quality, evidence-based rehabilitation, and decrease the national variation currently occurring in hip fracture rehabilitation. We are therefore partnering with the CSP to deliver hip sprint local, an ongoing CSP project to implement their hip fracture standards and as a basis for ongoing quality improvement work. 

As practising clinicians, we recognise that implementing the standards may pose some challenges. For example, we recognise the workforce challenges of meeting Standard 4 –  ‘All patients receive at least two hours of rehabilitation in subsequent weeks post-surgery until they have achieved their goals’, particularly for some community services. ATOCP and Agile intend to mobilise the knowledge and expertise that exists within our professional networks to help all members seek to overcome the barriers encountered in providing services and find innovative ways of delivering holistic and person-centred care for every patient who has experienced a hip fracture and meet these standards.

We intend to mobilise the knowledge and expertise that exists within our professional networks to help all members overcome the barriers

By joining your regional hip sprint hub you will be able to learn from ATOCP and Agile and each other, discuss problems and issues, identify opportunities for action, develop local networks across acute and community, drive change and ultimately, demonstrate implementation of the CSP hip fracture standards. 

ATOCP and Agile will also be partnering the CSP at the hip sprint huddle at Physiotherapy UK, a networking event for you to meet like-minded peers in person. 

And look out for the forthcoming free hip sprint regional events programme hosted by the CSP and supported by our professional networks.

  • Sarah De Biase is vice chair of Agile
  • Sarah Marshall is ATOCP national executive member

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