Tackling the challenges of 2023

After events of the past few years, it’s no longer a surprise that we continue to face new significant challenges, writes CSP Council chair Ishmael Beckford

Ishmael Beckford is CSP chair of council
Ishmael Beckford is CSP chair of council

As we reflect on 2023, it has once again been a year with many challenges for physiotherapy, the healthcare system more broadly, and in our home lives. Widespread industrial action, a cost-of-living crisis, political instability, and global conflict have all had an impact on us this year.  

However, I continue to see members and the physiotherapy workforce rising to overcome these obstacles and fighting for things to be better.

Whether it be colleagues voting to strike to ensure their voices were heard on NHS pay, workforce and service sustainability issues, or members championing better access to rehabilitation or engaging with the CSP equity, diversity and belonging campaign on microaggressions.  

We have also seen members across all sectors and specialisms working to improve quality and address demand whist operating in resource-scarce environments. This has driven innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurialism.  

At the start of 2023, the new CSP corporate strategy was launched. It stated the CSP’s purpose as, ‘to transform the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities by empowering our members and exerting our influence.’ 

We have diligently set off on this journey but recognise there is more to do to engage and support members. CSP staff, council and I are committed to this work.  

December also marks the final issue of Frontline with Karen Middleton as our chief executive. My word limit is too short to highlight Karen’s achievements during her time in post, but what I can say is that her legacy is secure and enviable, having led the CSP to become more impactful, visible and progressive. I’d personally like to thank Karen for all she has done. Her own reflections on her retirement and time at the CSP are featured here.

Our incoming chief executive John Cowman starts in January, and I am excited to support him in leading the CSP and profession on the next part of its journey, building on all the excellent work that has gone before.  

Thank you everyone for your immense efforts over the past 12 months and best wishes for the year ahead.

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