CSP conference facts, figures and reaction

We share some facts and figures from the CSP's annual conference across all 5 events

Jenny Conway, Jasmine Kasprzyk, George Alvey
Jenny Conway, Jasmine Kasprzyk, George Alvey

Student conference

‘I’ve enjoyed learning about patient population groups, which was not necessarily covered at university. I’ve learned about vestibular research, veterinary physios and the impact of urinary incontinence in rugby players – groups that I’ve not have any experience with.’
Jenny Conway, University of Nottingham, BSc physiotherapy, graduated 2023

1136 in-person delegates, 723 online delegates, 233 speakers

‘One thing that will apply to me is how I can bring different scenarios into my own practice. So, from the paediatrics talk learning the importance of getting the bigger picture from families and using different communication styles too.’
Jasmine Kasprzyk – University of Nottingham sport rehabilitation, graduated 2023

‘My main takeaway was learning about how broad the profession is, hearing all the different voices, from veterinary to cancer. This made me realise where I can go, once I’ve done my rotations. I didn’t realise how many specialisms there were before the conference.’
George Alvey, University of Birmingham, MSc physiotherapy (pre-registration), final year


261 posters, 382 abstracts, 50+ hours of online content

‘Always in awe of the amazingly diverse range of clinical specialities physiotherapy plays a role in. So grateful to now be able to add physio in eating disorders to the mix.’ 
Kate Brown

‘Absolutely brilliant to see Nicola Dowdeswell deliver her presentation at #Physio23 on the “My Life” programme. Supervised physical activity in a community leisure centre, such important work addressing health inequalities, reducing stigma and isolation.’ 
Sarah Morton

Suraiya Hassan AHP workforce lead National AHP Support Workforce Programme
Suraiya Hassan

‘It was lovely to see so many colleagues, feel the energy for learning and sharing, and it was great to see the excitement when the support workforce career stories brought the development and potential of our non-registered workforce to life.’ Suraiya Hassan (right), AHP workforce lead National AHP Support Workforce Programme


‘Pleased to be able to join #Physio23 online to hear all the great presentations from Glasgow. Keynote lecture from @CorHutton was hugely inspiring. What a woman!’ Amanda Leech

Northern Ireland

‘Phil Glasgow curating Proust, building wisdom through learning and experience. Embrace adversity to build leadership resilience.’ 
Ruth ten Hove

‘Promoting excellence in physiotherapy across Europe, an insightful summary by Esther Mary D’Aecy.’ 
President Catherine McLoughlin, Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists

‘Particularly enjoyed the atmosphere and opportunities for networking, meeting some great folks and really enjoyed hearing about their PhDs and QI projects. It’s great to connect them to colleagues in my network. Came home buzzing.’ 
Professor Lisa Roberts


‘Well this was a great surprise! Well done @ross_nowell for producing the winning poster in the @CSPWales conference, and also for the great work in producing the updated All Wales Rehabilitation framework.’ Gethin Harries

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