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Martin Smith shares his advice for people starting their physiotherapy training this year, and how the CSP student and learner network can help

Martin Smith (center) is one of the equality and diversity officers on the CSP student reference group. Twitter: @martz_smith

Making the most of your CSP membership while studying is important. Your professional body offers support, guidance and an opportunity for self-development before you enter the workplace. Having completed my first year of study, my best piece of advice for any new students and apprentices is to network. Talk to others on your course, your lecturers, get involved with CSP networks and attend courses and events. 

Make sure to join the physiotherapy society at your university and if there isn’t one running, set one up and get stuck in! The CSP supports student societies and is your gateway to the world of physiotherapy, use what it has to offer. The student reference group (SRG) is your link between the CSP and the student body, and supports your student societies. 

The SRG is comprised of 12 members from across the whole UK. Our aim is to influence the support the CSP gives students and apprentices. We are available for any help or advice relating to the CSP or life while studying. Our roles are split between: widening participation; education, learning and development; continuing professional development (CPD) and equality and diversity. Along with officers for Northern Ireland,

The SRG is made up of 12 members across the UK

Wales and Scotland. We can signpost you to a range of resources on offer such as CSP speakers at universities, regional networking, CPD courses to enhance learning and develop new skills, the free-postage library, along with the chance to attend Physiotherapy UK.

I’m studying at the University of Brighton and I’m one of your equality and diversity officers for the SRG. It is my job to represent student voices from groups such as LGBT+, BAME and those with a disability. Working alongside the other CSP networks to raise awareness on topics, develop training programmes and kickstart campaigns for more wellness, equality and diversity within physiotherapy training. 

  • Martin Smith is one of the equality and diversity officers on the CSP student reference group. Twitter: @martz_smith

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