Race discrimination is against the law

‘I believe I have suffered race discrimination at work – what can I do?’ 

Sian Caulfield CSP’s national officer for equality and diversity

Race discrimination can arise in four ways:

  1. direct and
  2. indirect discrimination,
  3. harassment and
  4. victimisation.

The latest NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) report shows 29 per cent of BAME staff reported experiencing bullying, harassment or abuse from colleagues. Less than a quarter (24 per cent) of white colleagues in the NHS reported similar treatment.

The Equality Act 2010 protects both applicants for jobs and employees, as well as those working on contract, agency and many freelance and self-employed workers. If you fall into the employment categories above, you are protected irrespective of your length of service or number of hours you work each week. 

Speak to your CSP Steward 

CSP stewards have an important role to play on behalf of members in preventing unlawful racial discrimination or harassment in the workplace and in promoting equality of opportunity and good relations between people from different racial groups. By participating in local union staff sides, stewards can also help to negotiate changes in policies, procedures and practices, when needed, and to support measures that will prevent unlawful racial discrimination or harassment in the workplace, and promote equality of opportunity. 

Where you don’t have a CSP steward, contact the CSP enquiries team by calling 0207 306 6666 or e-mail enquiries@csp.org.uk 

If you are a CSP steward: The CSP Equality and Diversity toolkit, which has been updated recently, has a checklist and case studies for stewards on how to tackle  race discrimination at work. The CSP is committed to combating racism at work. 

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    Sian Caulfield is the CSP’s national officer for equality and diversity 

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