We challenged CSP members to tweet about their best placement experience and help raise awareness of the urgent need for more opportunities


Here are just a few of the responses 

Caroline Moss @CMossPhysiomy Mental Health placement with Fiona, Hillary and @cat_pope_@NottsHealthcare Highbury and City Hospital 1999. Very forward thinking of @UoNPhysio having placement in MH. Still remember the patients and principles! 

Chloe K-J@chloekj My #bestplacementever was with Carey & Pippa @swleoc in maybe. 2009! Such a lovely supportive team (and the only placement I didn’t cry or faint 

Naomi McVey@NaomiMcVey Respiratory at Basildon hospital - thanks to Ray Lam, great team, happy time, taught me value of careful communication 

Tom Pointing@PointingPhysio Wow ok my #bestplacementeverwas with the neuro team at @UHS_Therapy managing to spend time in neuro ITU and enhancing my respiratory skills as well! A well rounded placement that made me a better physio 100%! 

Graeme Paul-Taylor@GraemeGpt Leeds General Infirmary in ?92/93, out patients with Steve Draycott. I was challenged, encouraged, inspired, empowered. Instilled a love of learning that hasn’t left! 

Azima @azimzim_b Never did i think RESPIRATORY in ICU and surgery would be my #bestplacementever @NorthMcrGH_NHS incredible physio team who gave me outstanding one-to-one support (and inservice trainings) to transition into such a high intensity setting. 

Marie Adams@MarieNeuroPT My #bestplacementeverhas to be ITU at Redditch, although not for me it put me at ease working with acutely unwell patients. The other was oncology, sad but so rewarding and humbling. Obviously the absolute best was Neurology at Solihull hospital. Been there for 16yrs. 

Steve Tolan@tolanAHP On placement with @RobKellyPhysio at Ainslie Rehab @NELFT_AHP - supervised by @PatSWFRehab & Ashley. With @ consultantPT knocking about as a junior. First time feeling like part of the team - great fun, great learning, great people! 

Sophie @SophieGResearch My #bestplacementever was in the community in Oxford, so much independence, great experience in care homes & worked very closely with the MDT. 

Ganesh Baliah@GBaliah which 2 choose? My #AHP#bestplacementever was 3/52 2nd year national Brighton GH & Royal Sussex CH got to stay with my best mate too! 

Karen Middleton@KMiddletonCSP Well my best placement was neuro & I steered clear when qualified and my worst placement was MSK OPD and that’s what I specialised in! 

Christie Robinson@christiephysio I loved them all but my #bestplacementever was my Learning Disability placement. It push me outside my (then) comfort zone, made me consider a different area of practice, made me dig deep & draw on a range of clinical & non clinical skills -it influenced my future career path 

Hannah Young@hmlyoungphysio My #bestplacementever was older people’s rehabilitation at the northern general where @BhanuPhysio was my educator. She was (is) so dynamic, passionate an knowledgeable, I met so many patients with wonderful stories to tell and having time to properly rehab people was incredible 

Dr Angie Logan@logan_angie#BestPlacementEver top 2 sorry! 1) learning disabilities 2) stroke rehab Absolutely loved the diversity of patients in terms of age, conditions, ability & settings. Developed communication skills, learned a lot about myself. It ignited my passion for neuro & severe disability. 

Rachael Moses @AHPLeader My #bestplacementeverwas in 1998 at @RBandH It was my lowest scored placement but the one that moved me the most and transformed me from a sports physio to a respiratory physio And 22 years later I’m back here in a leadership position! 

HollyGossettPT@PtGossett I’m now working at ESNEFT having had my #bestplacementever there... and my educator from that placement is now my supervisor! Nearly a year in now and enjoying it as much as I did as a student 

Jeffrey Appiah@jeffreyappiah58 My #bestplacementever was with @Vic_Andrews99 at the @ScoliosisSOS in London learned so much in just 4weeks! 

Beth Rosser@Physio_Beth Spines at QMC, left on day 1 thinking I had no idea what anyone was talking about and full of self doubt, left on day 20 with a spring in my step, head held high and not wanting to leave! 

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