Practice Education

Often when we think of practice education, we think about its importance to students. But let’s flip this viewpoint and consider what’s in it for you and your team

Practice Education

If every UK registered physiotherapist was a practice educator for just one placement a year, the profession would have over three times the placement capacity currently required*.

Yes you read that correctly. Based on this statistic, reading this you are likely to be one of the many who are not part of a practice education team.

Why not? You may never have had students within your area of practice before or be unaware of how to set a placement up. Whatever the reason, no matter where you work, whether you are a physiotherapist or support worker, how long you have been qualified or whether or not you are in a patient-facing role, you can get involved in practice education.

There is potentially so much in this for you. Your involvement would not only benefit you, your service users and your organisation or business, it would also support other physiotherapy staff who are currently taking on multiple students throughout a year.

The infographic shows what’s in it for you.  Let’s all step up, support the profession to grow and reap the benefits as we do. 


What’s in it for me?

  1. Be an inspiration to others. Think back to when you were a student….Who inspired you on placement? Who took time to invest in your learning, to help you graduate and become the professional you are today? Could you pay it forward?
  2. Influence the evolution of your profession Healthcare is changing. There is a shift to provide high quality person centred physiotherapy care closer to home. Students must develop skills across sectors and settings to better empower and meet the needs of individuals, communities and populations. You could help shape this.
  3. Be a lifelong learner. It’s a win-win situation. Not only will students learn so much from you, you will also learn lots of new things from them. Their fresh perspectives and energy, alongside the questions they ask, feed directly into your own personal growth, continued professional development and work within the education pillar of practice.
  4. Be the leader that you want to see. As a member of the practice education team, you are a leader. You facilitate, coach, mentor and supervise whilst also role modelling, empowering and inspiring others. You help students to see how they fit in the profession and create safe environments, which allow them to learn as an individual.
  5. Improve your job satisfaction and stay connected. It is highly rewarding to see students grow over the course of a placement. You play an important part in their journey, build connections and stay up to date with the curriculum. This feels good and reminds you why you wanted to be a physiotherapist in the first place.
  6. Create a learning culture to benefit all. Students can bring so much – to you, your communities and your organisation or business. A great placement experience can lead to potential employment, raised awareness of your practice and improved outcomes all round.

    Want to get involved?

    This page can help direct you to local universities to get in touch with. They would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. 

    To find out more about practice based learning please visit our webpages, which include examples of placements across different sectors and settings.

    *Based on HCPC registrant data and current student numbers (as of June 2022) and average of 2 placements per year

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