In perspective: Physiotherapy Works

Keeping people living longer, living well is central to everything that CSP members do, argues Sue Rees

The challenge facing our society is how to meet the needs of an ageing population and an increasing number of people with long-term conditions. This is where physio staff really can make a difference. We keep and restore independence, and build resilience through promoting self management.

We all know that a number of things are needed to relieve pressure on over burdened health and social care systems:

  • patients need access to the high quality physiotherapy
  • decision-makers need to see physiotherapy as a cost effective solution
  • the public needs to understand how physiotherapy works
  • the physiotherapy workforce is built to achieve this

This is our time, if ever there was one. The future is in our hands and all of us need to do our bit to make this wish list a reality.

Work is underway to influence health and social care decision-makers across the UK. You will have seen the work being undertaken with influential physiotherapists, reported in the last issue of Frontline (page 9, 6 August). The CSP has begun to enlist their unique insight and expertise and support as leaders and advocates.

Centrally, the society is producing tools to help members make the case for physiotherapy. We have just added the Physiotherapy Works for Social Care briefing to our physiotherapy work series, launching it in all UK parliaments and assemblies. And a commissioning support unit is helping the CSP develop a tool identifying the economic benefits of physiotherapy in falls management.

Decisions are increasingly being made locally in all UK healthcare systems. Your knowledge of your local population, their needs and how physiotherapy can meet these is critical. Using this specialist local knowledge,  you can present the solution to overcome local challenges.  

CSP chief executive Karen Middleton’s recent article, How to make every contact count (page 21, 6 August), demonstrates the influence that each one of us exerts on others, be they decision-makers, clinical colleagues or patients. We can also influence their understanding of our individual and professional role.

That’s why our Physiotherapy Works Locally events are so important. They are being held across the UK this year and next. They will provide you with support and tools you need in your area.

Do come along to:

  • hear CSP and local leaders talk about their vision for the future
  • find out about the new Physiotherapy Works tools to make the case for physiotherapy in falls management, orthopaedics and social care
  • work with colleagues, local and national leaders

These events will equip you to influence your future and that of your patients. We will also identify pioneers to help take the next steps.

Hosted by the English regional networks and country boards, the events are open to all members.

  • Find out more here 
Sue Rees, chair of CSP Council

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